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Stargaze at the Lake, Friday May 18th
beginning at 8pm.  Lake Pueblo Visitors

Is that a star or a planet?  What constellation is that?  How close is the nearest star to Earth?  So
many questions when we gaze into the night sky and yet we so enjoy looking up.  For thousands of
years our ancestors gazed towards the heavens; understanding the passing of the seasons, when to
plant the seed and when to harvest the crop, when the longest night was nigh and when the longest
day called for celebration.  Our ancestors had a little astronomer as part of who they were.  Now we
look up and feel lost.  Let’s together Discover Your Inner Astronomer.

The Southern Colorado Astronomical Society holds its popular and successful summer series
Stargaze at the Lake beginning May 18th.  Now in its 7th consecutive season SCAS has educated
hundreds of guests at this weekend escape location.  Join us in the auditorium to start the night as
we teach observing techniques then cover what’s in the sky that evening.  Once we have finished the
power point presentation it’s time to move outside to the highly anticipated star gaze.  Look through
society members telescopes as we tour the jewels found near and far and learn about those very
same treasures.  Trace out constellations, find the north star, learn that the star you see is actually a
planet.  This is free to attend and everyone of all ages is welcome.   At the end of the night your
inner astronomer will thank you.
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