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Thanks to everyone that attended the September
Stargaze at the Lake.  We visited with over 40 guests
and it was a pleasure to meet so many people
interested in the night sky.  We sincerely hope you
enjoyed yourselves, we know we did.

If you have wanted to learn how to take amazing night photographs we
have the solution. Award winning professional photographer Malissa Ahlin
will be holding a Nightscapes Photography Workshop Saturday
September 12th. Malissa made the decision to hold this class and donate
100% of the proceeds to the Southern Colorado Astronomical Society.
We cannot thank Malissa enough for this generous offer. The Southern
Colorado Astronomical Society is a 501(c)(3) educational and scientific
nonprofit with a mission of sharing our night sky with everyone we come
into contact with and educate our communities about our amazing night

This class is approximately half booked right now. In the next few days
we will be releasing information about this class to a much larger
audience, please take advantage of this opportunity while seats are
available. Visit
to get signed up for this
incredible class.

Again a heart felt thanks to Malissa for offering to help support SCAS and
help bring the night sky a little closer to Southern Colorado.