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As CSU-Pueblo continues a process of repair on the observatory
the Southern Colorado Astronomical Society continues the
tradition of hosting a Public Night at the facility.  While we cannot
offer the view from a 20-inch telescope, we can offer a view that
nearly rivals that of the large telescope; a view that will help you
Discover Your Inner Astronomer.

Our summer series of Public Night under the Observatory
continues Friday August 17th from 8pm until 10pm and everyone
is invited.  Join us at the base of Observatory Hill as members of
the Southern Colorado Astronomical Society set up state of the art
high power telescopes.  Witness breath taking views of distant
stellar nurseries where stars are being created.  See the most
ancient citizens of our Milky Way Galaxy and Universe, Globular
Clusters, as they gleam from the halo of our galaxy.  Visit the
planets of our solar system where robotic ambassadors from
Earth now conduct research. And if you are lucky watch a
shooting star burn across the sky or see a satellite catch light from
our local star and reflect it to our eyes.  Stories from antiquity for
all to enjoy, NASA handouts to enhance your knowledge of the
night sky and more.  Help us keep a Pueblo tradition alive and
well while the observatory undergoes repair.  Trust us, Your Inner
Astronomer will thank you.