Southern Colorado Astronomical Society
Dr. John Boucek
Comet Hyakutaki March 1994
Kodak Elite Color slide film ASA 200
Nikon FE 50mm at F-2
Piggy back 6 minute exposure
Comet Shoemaker-Levy July 1996
Crash on Jupiter.  The last two of several pieces.
3-M Color slide film ASA 200
Nikon FE Vivitar, 1 second hand cover F-2

hazy spots at about 6:00 or 7:)) mark impact areas.  This was said to be the first collision of
two solar system bodies ever to be observed.
Our Moon and Saturn occultation on 9/10/02
Nikon FE 50mm Lens
Celestron Ultima 11 6.3 F.R. Kodak color ASA-200 1/15 Sec.
M17 Omega Nebula
Ultima-11 w F.R.
3-M slide film ASA 400
40 minute exposure with tracking
Solar Prominence 8/24/94
Celestron Ultima 11 w/F.R.
Kodak Elite ASA-200 1/15 Sec.
Daystar H.A. filter
3 minute exposure with tracking
Scotch chrome ASA 400
M57 The RIng Nebula in Lyra
ASA 400 40 MInute Exposure with Tracking
Focal Reducer Nikon FE
11" S.C.
Taken in 1995
M22 Globular Cluster in Sagitarius
3-M ASA 400 22 Minute Exposure with Tracking
Prime Focus Nikon FE
11" S.C.
Taken in 1995