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Southern Colorado Astronomical Society
Southern Colorado Astronomical Society
R.B. Minton
Ikeya_Seki taken 10/30/1965 at 4:55 to
5:05 AM with a 2" aperture Cooke triplet
lens with a 15" f.l. using 4x5 Tri-X sheet
film.  The homemade box camera was
hand-guided at a remote desert spot 20
miles east of El Paso, TX.
Venus taken 6/02/2004 near 17:34 U.T. (daytime)
with a Cave 8" at F/40 (w/ a Barlow).  A 5 image
composite from the best of 3 hours of video with a
homemade B&W video camera.  Each frame is 1/30
sec. exposure with no filter.
Leonid_Meteor taken 11/17/1998 with
a Pentax-K camera using a 135mm f.l.
(image cropped).  The rotating shutter
of 9 Leonids were photographed that
night with 6 cameras - and measured.  
Their beginning  altitudes were 108
km, and ending altitudes were 87 km
(the std. dev. = 4 km).
Venus_transit taken 6/05/2013 at 6:59
PM with Cave 8" F/7.6 with 3-layer
solar filter "Celebrate It".  A 100 image
full-frame composite from a 10 sec.
video at 10 frames per sec. using an
Orion color CMOS Star Shoot camera.  
Taken thru about 2 magnitudes of
absorption from clouds + haze.  The
color was further enhanced for the
PanStarrs taken 5/17/2013 with
75mm f.l. F/4.5 lens on a tripod.  
A total of 20 exposures, each is 20
seconds.  A full-frame composite
on the comet; so that Polaris
rotates around the comet.  Two
tails are visible.  The red object is
the edge of the house.
R.B. and Pat Minton
Holmes taken 11/12/2007 at 8:50 PM with a Meade
10" F/4 using a Meade (color) Deep Sky Imager CCD
camera.  A 20 image composite, each image
exposed 30 seconds (full-frame).  The comet had
just brightened by a factor of 500,000 times.
Sunspots taken 10/18/2011 with a 2" F/10 refractor
using an Orion color Star Shoot video camera
(full-frame).  Solar filter is 3 layers of "Celebrate It"
aluminized gift wrap film from Michaels hobby/gift
Nova_Delp taken 8/23/2013 at 9:30 PM with a
Rebel T3 DSLR camera using a 18mm f.l. lens at
full-frame 30 sec. exposure captured a satellite at
top, and the nova (in the small blue square).  The
yellow square is an enlargement with the nova
(middle) at Mv 5.7, and the faint star below it at Mv
10.  Sagitta is connected with thin blue lines; the
red object is tree leaves.
Arcturus montage taken 4/25/2005 with Cave 8" (+
Barlow @ F/40) using a Meade color DSI CCD
camera, each exposure is 1/10 second.  The last
image is a composite of 50 images.
Rebel T3 DSLR at prime focus.  A full-frame
composite of 15 exposures, each a 30 sec.
exposure.  Two hot red & blue pixels at right reveal
the field drift (as two similar sine waves).
Milky Way taken in July 1961.  A 30
minute hand-guided exposure using
a homemade box camera with a 5"
f.l. F/3.5 slide projector lens and
2-1/4 by 3-1/4 Ansco sheet film.
poor seeing, full-frame).  Note the shadow of the